QUEENSTORY create king quality, create extraordinary costumes

Intellectual interpretation: QUEEN STORY Khun Sri Lanka autumn and winter series: QUEEN STORY Although just entering the Chinese market.

However, the reason why it is able to win the favor and trust of many Chinese fashion women is not only due to the tangible and external factors such as QUEEN STORY style, workmanship and high-end fabrics.



QUEEN STORY pursuit of quality, the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of fashion, to create more connotation of women's clothing, interpretation of the modern life of a higher level, higher quality of life concepts and attitudes. QUEEN STORY that every woman is a queen, are unique, women have to master and dominate their own lives and destiny, for material and spiritual more active pursuit of quality and taste to have a higher pursuit of women to be more Real and confident self-expression. Although life is different, or plain, or ups and downs, or exciting, for every woman is a hundred percent true story, in the face of this truth, we found that every woman is a strong life, when the pull Open the curtain of life, we once again find these connected real stories can be called legendary. Faded vanity, show nature, presents the true meaning, a woman extraordinary. QUEEN STORY to create the king of quality, creating extraordinary costumes.

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