Be careful not to affect the health of snow boots

The weather is getting colder and the UGG that has a good thermal effect has become a hot single item. Prices range from a few tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars. The issue discussed today is not whether UGG is fashionable or not, nor is it of good or bad quality. It is important to ......Reading more

14 effective negotiation skills

[China Glass Network] Professor Henden of the University of Hawaii in the United States has summed up some effective negotiation skills. The 14 most commonly used ones are: 1. Be infectious: show your confidence and determination through your manners. This can increase your c ......Reading more

JIUJIN long bright winter fashion embellished winter ro…

JIUJIN as the main brand of long-jin apparel company, from the very beginning of the establishment of great emphasis on brand management and maintenance. And is very concerned about the world trend, grasp the trend, the company often invites Taiwan and France designers to participate in the quarte ......Reading more

Cotton home textile spring flood prevention tips

Spring returns to the earth and everything recovers. At this time, locusts are most likely to be active in cotton home textiles that are everywhere in the home. Aphids are powerful human allergens, which can cause diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, nephritis, allergic rhinitis and allergic de ......Reading more

China's high tax system led to the outflow of luxur…

According to the latest data released by the World Luxury Association, during the Spring Festival, the Chinese luxury goods consumption abroad totaled US$7.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 28.57%, which is much higher than the 5.7 billion US dollars forecast for the previous year, set ......Reading more

Light down, new choice in early winter!

Recently, most parts of the country are cooling down. Everyone has turned out the down jacket in the box. Walk in the street, you will find that there is a popular new element in the early winter of this year, that is, "light down." On a fast fashion shopping site, sales of ligh ......Reading more

Wanshengwei winsongwiser men: the world for your wonder…

Shanghai-Granville Clothing Co., Ltd set product development, production and sales in one. The main production and operation of men's cashmere sweater, sweaters, cashmere sweater, suits, jackets and other series. It is located in a densely populated metropolis - Shanghai. Under the strong comme ......Reading more