LAIDEE brand appreciate the quality of life brought joy

Guangzhou Yi Feng Clothing Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 to design, custom-made high-level clothing-based and engaged in garment trade business. In 2005, the successful development of high-end women's brand LAIDEE ( Roland Itu ).


Companies with industrialists, artists, famous designers build the core business. In China, with the unique perspective of cultural people, we put forward the operation concept of "art creation" and "product production". We devote ourselves to the creation and sublimation of cultural apparel, and appreciate the quality of life for every woman enjoying LAIDEE brand Come joy, and interpret the life philosophy of living above the horizon.

LAIDEE品牌 体味优质品质生活所带来的欢乐

The successful definition and professional operation of the brand have brought tremendous benefits to market expansion. Retail terminals throughout the country has more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Reusable Pallet Covers

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Reusable Pallet Covers

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