Kadini Men is full of rich artistic heritage and stylish colors

In 2003, Kaduni apparel brand formally entered the Chinese market according to market demand. In the short span of three years into the territory of China, Kadoorie brand with its stylish design style and unique taste of interpretation, in Hong Kong, China, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to get the depth of promotion and won the consistent pursuit of fashion industry. Pragmatic progress, based on the future. The strong potential of Kaduni brand in China has aroused the attention of many pioneers of apparel industry with senior strength and rich clothing marketing experience. In order to further enrich and prosper the Chinese apparel market, we decided to jointly invest in China to build Kadini Garment Co., Ltd. September 2005, Guangzhou Kadini Clothing Co., Ltd. was formally established. Adhering to the "Do the future who have the world" business philosophy, for the card · Day Nepal Men in the development of the Chinese market, providing innovative development thinking and philosophy, which won widespread social recognition and support. Guangzhou Kadini Clothing Co., Ltd. In order to promote the brand can be effective and place, the formation of a group of many elite composed of professional brand manager team, many of whom are engaged in high-end brand men's senior for many years and the company strategic alliance , And with its rich marketing, marketing integration planning, terminal management and other experience, the agency for the brand to provide the most rigorous and most complete management support. Faced with the increasingly fierce market competition in the new challenges of multinational corporations in the WTO, Guangzhou Kadini Clothing Co., Ltd. not only in business philosophy with the international standards and seek new developments, but also continue to adjust market strategy, improve sales network, expand business efforts, relying on card · The overall strength of the brand is satisfied with the open awareness and international standards for the company's internal training and upgrading of the company to the industry to lay a solid foundation for high-end development.

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