Omega brand women's jewelry table appreciates the beauty of jewelry

Omega brand women's jewelry table appreciates the beauty of jewelry

Omega recently launched a series of women's jewelry watches under the brand name ω. In order to better demonstrate the uniqueness of this series of watches, Omega will symbolize the perfection and achievement of the "Omega" Greek letter turned into an Ω-shaped 18K red gold or white gold case, while inlaid with 41 diamonds. In addition, the watch's white, red or black patent leather straps are connected at the 12 o'clock position between the welding lugs and the lower horseshoe, making the watch's overall lines even smoother.

Many design details of the latest women's jewellery watch series perfectly embody OMEGA's leadership and excellence in watchmaking technology. Its unique case design makes many consumers feel refreshed: white, black or red mother of pearl dial design is simple, only decorated with Omega logo and exquisite rectangular pointer. The shape of the case complements the arched sapphire crystal. The mirror is anti-reflective. The three-dimensional cutting effect matches the curvature of the case and it is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters.

In order to avoid affecting the rounded lines of the case, it also shows the perfect pursuit of Omega for the design of the watch. There are no crown devices beside the 3 o'clock position of the case of this series of watches. In addition, Omega's new 4000 model quartz machine is installed in this series. The core, as long as the stylus attached to the watch, can be used to control the hidden adjustment within the case, for hour and minute hands.

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